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Our core sectors of expertise are Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Full Day Center-Based Programming, Parent Training, Early Intervention (EI), Consultation, Training, and Multidisciplinary Treatment. In-person or via Telehealth.

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In-home ABA therapy also allows for greater involvement and participation from parents and family members, promoting collaboration and consistent implementation of strategies beyond therapy sessions.

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Virtual Parent Town Hall Forums

Our dedicated staff goes above and beyond to support parents and create a sense of community. As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive environment, we host a monthly forum specifically designed for parents.

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At The COR Behavioral Group, we prioritize convenience and accessibility for our clients. We offer flexible service options to meet your needs. If you prefer the comfort and familiarity of your own home, we are fully equipped to provide services in that setting. Alternatively, if you are located in New Jersey, you may have the opportunity to receive services in one of our state-of-the-art treatment centers, where we create a welcoming and supportive environment.

Whether it’s in-home, at our treatment centers, or through virtual sessions, our commitment to providing high-quality care remains unwavering. We adapt to your unique circumstances and deliver our services with utmost professionalism, ensuring that you receive the support you need to achieve positive outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Therapy From Your Home

We provide 1:1 therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home and community, ensuring a familiar and safe environment for your child. Our goal is to accommodate your schedule and integrate therapy into your daily routine for maximum convenience.

Effective Therapy Programs

At our therapy center, we believe in the power of joy and play. We create an engaging and fun learning environment, using play as a vehicle for teaching essential skills that will bring a lifetime of happiness and independence to your child.

Let’s Work Together

We understand the importance of your role and are committed to providing you with the guidance and resources you need to create a nurturing environment for your child’s development. Together, we can make a positive and lasting impact on your child’s journey.


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“My child has made incredible progress since starting ABA therapy at The COR Behavioral Group. The individualized program they developed for my child based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis has been truly transformative. Their home and community-based sessions have provided a comfortable and familiar learning environment, allowing my child to thrive. The structured demands, task analysis, and positive reinforcement techniques used by their dedicated team have led to significant skill acquisition across various developmental domains. I am grateful for their expertise and commitment to helping my child reach their full potential.”
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By embracing a personalized, child-centered approach, our therapy services provide the foundation for your child to flourish, ensuring that their unique needs, interests, and strengths are acknowledged and nurtured throughout the intervention process. We believe in your child’s incredible potential and are committed to supporting them in reaching their full capabilities.

Therapy can have a profound and positive impact on your child’s development and overall well-being. Here are some ways in which therapy, specifically personalized, child-centered ABA services, can benefit your child:

Individualized Approach

Our therapy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your child. Each child is different, and we design interventions that are specifically crafted to address their strengths, challenges, interests, and personality.

Holistic Focus

Our ABA services consider your child as a whole person, rather than solely focusing on their diagnosis. We recognize that your child has many incredible qualities, interests, and potential beyond their diagnosis.

Skill Development

ABA therapy is highly effective in teaching a wide range of skills to children with autism. It can target various areas such as communication, social skills, self-help skills, academic skills, and more.


Generalization means that skills learned in therapy are targeted to transfer and apply to various settings and situations. Your child can apply learned skills in real-life scenarios, making progress sustainable and applicable.

Promoting Independence

A key goal of ABA therapy is to foster independence and maximize your child’s potential. By focusing on skill development, behavior management, promoting self-determination, and enhancing their decision-making abilities.

Behavior Management

ABA therapy is known for its success in behavior management. We work with you to address challenging behaviors and develop strategies to reduce problem behaviors while reinforcing positive and desired behaviors.

ABA Therapy Process

Therapy, particularly personalized ABA services, can significantly impact your child’s development and overall well-being. Our approach involves tailoring interventions to meet your child’s individual needs, promoting growth and development while recognizing their unique strengths and qualities.

Through evidence-based techniques, we focus on skill development, behavior management, and fostering independence, empowering your child to acquire a wide range of skills and navigate their environment more effectively.

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“The COR Behavioral Group has been a game-changer for my family. The personalized ABA program they designed for my child has exceeded our expectations. Their approach, incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports, has proven to be highly effective in helping my child acquire crucial skills. The carefully structured demands, task analysis, and use of positive reinforcement have made learning a positive and enjoyable experience for my child. The team’s expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on my child’s development across multiple areas. I highly recommend The COR Behavioral Group to any parent seeking comprehensive and evidence-based ABA therapy for their child.”

Are you seeking high-quality ABA therapy programs for your child? Look no further! At The COR Behavioral Group center, we are dedicated to providing exceptional and individualized services that make a real difference in your child’s life.

Our team of experienced professionals understands that every child is unique, and that’s why we tailor our therapy programs to meet your child’s specific needs. Through the proven principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we unlock their potential, foster skill development, and promote independence.

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