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The COR Behavioral Group: Empowering Lives, Inspiring Progress. We are a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with autism and related developmental disorders.

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Our COR Mission

Unleashing Potential, Transforming Lives Empowering Growth and Independence through Personalized ABA Therapy. Discover the Power of Tailored Interventions for Lasting Progress and a Brighter Future.

At The COR Behavioral Group, our mission is to empower each client to reach their full potential through personalized and comprehensive therapies.

We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to thrive, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care tailored to their unique needs. Through a thorough evaluation process conducted by our team of highly skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), we identify each client’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth.

This assessment allows us to develop customized goals and behavioral programs that address their specific challenges and pave the way for progress. With our client-centered approach, we are committed to helping individuals overcome limitations, harness their strengths, and unlock their true potential.

Discover a Journey of Growth, Independence, and Limitless Potential with Our Dedicated Team.

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ABA Therapy Process

Therapy, particularly personalized ABA services, can significantly impact your child’s development and overall well-being. Our approach involves tailoring interventions to meet your child’s individual needs, promoting growth and development while recognizing their unique strengths and qualities.

Through evidence-based techniques, we focus on skill development, behavior management, and fostering independence, empowering your child to acquire a wide range of skills and navigate their environment more effectively.

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“Choosing The COR Behavioral Group for our family’s ABA therapy needs was a life-changing decision. Their dedicated team of professionals went above and beyond to help our child progress in ways we never thought possible. Through their personalized approach, tailored interventions, and unwavering support, our child has made remarkable strides in communication, social skills, and overall development. The COR’s expertise, compassion, and commitment to our child’s well-being have been instrumental in transforming our family’s life. We are forever grateful for the positive impact they have made, and we highly recommend their services to any family seeking exceptional ABA therapy.”

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At The COR Behavioral Group, we prioritize convenience and accessibility for our clients. We offer flexible service options to meet your needs. If you prefer the comfort and familiarity of your own home, we are fully equipped to provide services in that setting. Alternatively, if you are located in New Jersey, you may have the opportunity to receive services in one of our state-of-the-art treatment centers, where we create a welcoming and supportive environment.

Whether it’s in-home, at our treatment centers, or through virtual sessions, our commitment to providing high-quality care remains unwavering. We adapt to your unique circumstances and deliver our services with utmost professionalism, ensuring that you receive the support you need to achieve positive outcomes for you and your loved ones.

Therapy From Your Home

We provide 1:1 therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home and community, ensuring a familiar and safe environment for your child. Our goal is to accommodate your schedule and integrate therapy into your daily routine for maximum convenience.

Effective Therapy Programs

At our therapy center, we believe in the power of joy and play. We create an engaging and fun learning environment, using play as a vehicle for teaching essential skills that will bring a lifetime of happiness and independence to your child.

Let’s Work Together

We understand the importance of your role and are committed to providing you with the guidance and resources you need to create a nurturing environment for your child’s development. Together, we can make a positive and lasting impact on your child’s journey.

Parent Training and Support

We recognize the crucial role that parents and caregivers play in a child’s progress. That’s why we provide comprehensive parent training and support services. We equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to support their child’s development at home and in various settings.

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ABA Therapy

We offer individualized ABA therapy services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team of highly trained professionals conducts comprehensive assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth. Based on these assessments, we develop personalized treatment plans and implement evidence-based interventions to promote skill acquisition, behavior management, and overall development.

Telehealth ABA Services

At The COR Behavioral Health Group, we understand that accessibility and flexibility are vital in providing ABA therapy services. That’s why we offer telehealth services, allowing individuals to receive therapy from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Through secure video conferencing platforms, our experienced and licensed therapists can conduct virtual sessions, ensuring uninterrupted therapy progress and continuity of care.

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